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Plush Lash Co came about as a result of what I would call a “light bulb” moment in my life.  I’m a firm believer that many things happen for a reason.  If you pay attention to the little signs going on around you, follow your heart and that inner voice, you are sure to find your passion around the next bend. As an artist, it is my mission to educate my clients on the difference between premium and below standard eyelash extensions.  

Hi, I'm Karina.

I am a certified Borboleta Beauty© Lash Artist & Ambassador with 6 years of esthetician knowledge and experience.As of Fall 2017, I took a big career change and huge leap of faith into the beauty service and personal care industry just recently after years of a love affair with esthetics.  I love the feeling of providing a high-quality service for people and making people feel special. Personally, my favorite things about eyelash extensions is that it can transform a person's look, entirely. And, They're so convenient for women on the go! Step into my world of intricate beauty and you'll never want to look back!



"Each client is unique and valued to me; therefore, each set of lashes must reflect their needs, style, and manageability. "

Karina Villalobos, Owner of Posh Lash Co





At Borboleta, we provide the world's premier lash products and education to help lash artists reach a level of professionalism and skill that is unmatched in the industry. 


With my Borboleta Beauty instructors! They're the best!

With my Borboleta Beauty instructors! They're the best!

Being A Borby Artist

Being a certified lash artist through Borboleta Beauty is much like possessing a golden ticket. We are a special collective of artists who have sought after the most advanced eyelash extension trainings and tools for our client's lash applications, which can only be provided by and through Borboleta Beauty. We believe in the power of individualism and it is our mission to customize our clients' lashes to their own lifestyle & needs. 

Personally, what I love most about being a Borby Artist is the community. Borby Artists truly support each other! If you are interested in becoming a certified lash artist with Borboleta Beauty, I would love to help mentor you and guide you toward the right path! 

For more information on career opportunities and/or mentoring, shoot me a message at!